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We are specialised in designing wireless sensor networks (WSN) for controlling and condition monitoring of battery/power electronic system for electric vehicles and hybrid/electric propulsion system for marine vessels.


Microgrids (MGs) and nano-grids (NGs) are becoming an essential part of the clean power generation to exploit solar, wind, and wave renewable resources with energy storages to store the intermittent power and provide high-quality power for a small community. MGs can enhance the power factor (especially when grid-connected), energy security, remote energy management, and lower the maintenance. However, their control and energy management is levelised and complex and demands specific design considerations. To achieve MG stability in complex network scenarios like communication topology change, we develop novel controllability and observability tools. To provide the best power quality, we suppress the voltage and current harmonics and unbalanced, and reduce over- and under-voltage problems caused by increasing DGs and EVs in the MG network.